Preparing for baby’s arrival – batch cooking ideas

One job I know I will thank myself for when baby arrives is having a freezer full of home cooked meals! You guys shared loads of amazing suggestions for batch cooking on Instagram so I thought I’d share them all on here so everyone can use it.

Before I share the recipe suggestions here’s a few tips I learnt from last time.

  • Cook meals that can be eaten with one hand
  • Include plenty of veg in the meals that you freeze (that way you don’t have to keep going to the shop for fresh veg)
  • Choose meals that can be served with store cupboard sides – rice, cous cous, pasta, etc.


Thai green curry

Chicken and mushroom pie

Chicken stroganoff

Chicken stir fry

Chicken casserole

Smoky chicken goulash

Creamy spinach chicken


Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce

Turkey chilli

Turkey bolognaise

Turkey burgers


Sausage casserole


Chilli con carne

Stew and dumplings

Lasagne – to make this one handed make it with fusilli or penne instead of lasagne sheets

Bolognaise sauce

Cottage pie

Steak pie


Shepherds pie

Lamb tagine


Fish pie

Fish cakes

Cod risotto

Tomato, chorizo and thyme sauce to serve with cod


Bacon, sweet potato and butternut squash stew

Pasta sauces

Fried rice

Bean chilli

Veggie curry

Chickpea Stew

Veggie shepherds pie

Homity pie

Lentil bolognaise

Macaroni cheese and greens

Chickpea and spinach curry

Feta carrot and spinach lasagne – again make it one handed by using fusilli or penne instead of lasagne sheets

Lentil dhal

Vegetable soups


Hopefully these will give you some inspiration of what to cook. When baby arrives you will definitely thank yourself for this! 

If you don’t fancy cooking yourself…

Then I highly recommend treating yourself to some ready cooked meals from COOK. They do special boxes of food for new parents including 7 nights or 14 nights worth of meals for 2 people, or a New Mums Survival Box with 10 x meals for one. They also offer a New Parents Discount which gives you 10% off their meals for 6 months after baby’s arrival.


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