Bluebells in Common Wood

During the first lockdown last year we visited Common Wood for our walk nearly every day in search of bluebells. We must have walked nearly every path in the wood until we eventually found the most incredible spot for bluebells. The walk we found is covered in a carpet of bluebells and takes you to the bottom of a field of horses. Here’s how to find it.

Where to Park

Park on Gravelly Way, around where I’ve shown on the map below. You will see space to park on both sides of the road around here.  The closest postcode I can find is HP7 0QS, which is for Pennwood Dog Boarding, but you’ll probably need to drive a bit further down the road than this. Start your walk in Common Wood by walking down the path indicated by the arrow below. On the other side of the road is Penn Woods.

Bluebells in Common Wood

Follow the pink dotted line to find the bluebells. You’ll start to see the bluebells as soon as you turn left along Deadman Dean Bottom. Towards the end of the dotted line is where you’ll see the horses in the field. Just a warning to stand back from the fence as it’s an electric fence.




When to see the Bluebells

You should start to see them from April through to June. Keep an eye on my Instagram page as I will post photos of when they start to come out.


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