Coffee, Cake and Alpacas

Who knew there were fields full of alpacas in Great Missenden? There is a lovely short walk you can take through the alpaca fields which you can combine with cake and coffee at Peterley Manor Farm for the perfect afternoon!

Just a short stroll from Peterley Manor Farm, past their own alpacas, is an alpaca farm with several fields full of them! Conveniently there is a public footpath that runs diagonally through the middle of the fields and round the outskirts. This means you end up incredibly close to the alpacas, all for free.

But first coffee and cake

The easiest way to get to the alpacas is from Peterley Manor Farm, so park up there and enjoy a coffee (from their fancy new coffee machine) and a delicious cake first. They have just opened the Strawberry Shack which serves takeaway drinks, cakes, snacks and ice cream. The Wild Strawberry Cafe garden is open for you to sit and enjoy your treats. We absolutely love it here and the children love running around on the grass. Our first visit out with Ashley when she was just 5 days old was to The Wild Strawberry Cafe!

Where to go

The circular route is just under 2km, so perfect for little legs. Walk up Peterley Avenue, which is the foot path between the Strawberry Shack and the greenhouses. You’ll walk past a field with Peterley’s own alpacas in so stop and say hi to them! Continue down the path and after a couple of minutes you’ll see a path to your left which opens up onto the alpaca farm (see map below). It is quite easy to miss, or we certainly did anyway!

You can walk down the path through the middle of the field and get really close to the alpacas. At the end turn left and walk round the edge of the field and back to where you started.

Alpaca Experience

If you want to get even closer to the alpacas in Great Missenden and spend a few hours with them then the owners of the farm, Latton Alpacas, offer an Alpaca Experience. You’ll get to meet the mums, dads and crias (baby alpacas). You’ll learn all about the animals, their history and how to look after them. Plus have a chance to help out yourself including walking and feeding the alpacas.

They charge £25/person up to 4 people

5 – 12 people – £12.50/person

For more information and to book visit their website.


Best bits: It’s really short walk, so perfect for little legs and they will love seeing all the alpacas! Even better that it’s perfect excuse to visit Peterley Manor Farm and eat their fabulous cakes!

Worst bits: If you’re not visiting Peterley then it would be a bit of a pain to find somewhere nearby to park.

Cost: Completely free!

Pram friendly: No – the path down to it can get pretty muddy.

Bike & scooter friendly: Yes/No – Yes to bikes but probably no to scooters for the same mud issues.

Location & parking: The fields are near Great Missenden and Peterley Manor Farm. If you combine it with a trip to Peterley Manor Farm then park in their car park. If you aren’t visiting Peterley then please don’t park in their car park as it is for customers only.

Sat nav: HP16 0HH



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