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We’ve made several visits to Copas Farms PYO in Cookham this year. It’s one of our go-to days out for when the sun is shining and we haven’t got anything else booked. We have had mixed experiences with it recently, so would try to avoid peak times on our next visit.

PYO Fields

Our local PYO field at Peterley Manor Farm has unfortunately been unable to open this year, so we’ve been finding new ones to visit. Copas Farms have two locations – Iver and Cookham. We’ve only visited Cookham as it’s slightly closer.

I’ll be honest and say it has been a bit hit and miss recently. On our first few visits we absolutely loved it, there was so much fruit to pick and easy for little hands to find and no queues. However on our last couple of visits the strawberries have been much more difficult to find and the cherries were coming to the end too. We also had to queue for quite a long time to get into the field and to pay. It looked like a lot of people got there just after 10am when it opened which caused the queue so perhaps if you go later in the afternoon it will be quieter? They also have more strawberry tunnels and fields which are nearly ripe so this should improve soon too.

A big plus for Copas Farms PYO is the close layout of the fields. All the fruit and veg fields are close together which makes it really easy to pick different things when going with a toddler. If you have a baby with you it’s easy enough to take a pram round, just stick to the strawberry tunnels rather than on the ground. Some other PYO’s we’ve been to require you to drive in between fields which is a right pain!

What is there to pick?

Throughout the summer they have the following available to pick: asparagus, broad beans, strawberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, cherries, plums, apples, sweetcorn and redcurrants. They advise what is available to pick on their website and you can also view the crop calendar here.


Compared to other PYO fields we’ve visited we have found Copas Farms expensive. Here are some of their prices (per kg):

Strawberries £5.50
Cherries         £8.80
Raspberries.  £8.80
Currants.        £4.80

They are around 75p – £1.85 more expensive per kg than some other fields we’ve visited, so it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re picking large quantities. We don’t tend to pick huge amounts so whilst annoying it’s not a huge problem. Our main driver for choosing Copas Farms PYO is it’s location rather than price.

Best bits: There’s always at least a few different fruit/veg options to pick and the fields are conveniently close together.

Worst bits: The recent queues are a big negative, along with their prices being on the high side. Their website really sucks the fun out of it and makes it sound like you’ll be watched like a hawk the whole way round. This isn’t the case and we’ve had loads of fun every time we’ve been.

Cost: They have recently introduced a charge of £4pp to enter the PYO fields which is taken off the cost of your fruit at the end. They didn’t charge for toddlers when we went, but I’m not sure what age they start charging from. Again not a problem if you’re just paying for 1 or 2 of you but if you’re paying for a lot of people then it could be. For Cookham you pay this charge on arrival but for Iver you pay online in advance.

Pram friendly: Yes

Bike & scooter friendly: No

Location & parking: They have PYO fields in Cookham and Iver with free onsite parking.

Sat nav: Cookham – SL6 9RF and Iver – SL0 0LU

Baby in Bucks Tip

If you’re visiting the Iver fields then why not make a day of it and combine it with a trip to Langley Park.



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  1. This is great Hollie. I live in High Wycombe too and have a four year old and three month old. We’re in the same boat of trying to find things for us all to do. I never knew the PYO existed in Cookham so thanks!

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