Hampden House & Keepershill Wood Walk

Last weekend we did a lovely walk that took us through Keepershill Wood, where we found wild garlic, up across some open fields and past Hampden House. Lots of you asked me to share the route so here it is.

Where to Park

We started the route by parking on the corner of Pink Road and Peters Lane, where the pink pin is. The parking is very limited here.

The Route

Below is a map of the route. I recommend downloading the OS Maps app, where I’ve saved the route. Note that you don’t have to subscribe to the app, just bypass any subscription options as you can use it for free. Here’s the link for the route > Hampden House and Keepershill Wood. I have added instructions along the route for you to follow.

Carrier Walk

This is a walk to do with a carrier rather a buggy as it’s all cross country. The walk is 4km’s long so if you’re little ones a good walker they might manage it on their own. There are sections where you are walking along the side of the road and next to electric fences though, so if they are walking just be careful.

Wild Garlic

If you fancy having a go at foraging for wild garlic then it’s around point 3 on the map in Keepershill Wood. When you are walking along the road you will see a pond on your right. Just to the right on the pond you’ll find an area with wild garlic growing. Below is a picture of what you are looking for. Pick a leaf and it will smell strongly of garlic if you’ve got it right! If you are at all unsure though please do not pick or eat it.

March is very early in the season for wild garlic with the leaves just starting to appear. As the season goes on small white flowers will appear on the wild garlic as well. When foraging please do it responsibly and only take a small amount and be careful not to trample on it.

Wild Garlic Recipes

Here are a few wild garlic recipes to try.

Wild garlic pesto

Bacon and wild garlic bread

Wild garlic and cheese scones

If you have a sourdough starter then these wild garlic and cheese scones from Lavender and Lovage are delicious.

If you find some wild garlic please tag me in your creations on Facebook or Instagram @babyinbucks. I’d love to see what you make!

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