The Grove Musical Trail and Wildflowers

The musical trail at The Grove Hotel has been our favourite lockdown discovery and we’ve been several times in the last few weeks. It’s fun, a perfect length for little legs and has the bonus of a beautiful wildflower meadow at the end to get some amazing photos of your little one.

Musical Trail

The Grove Hotel have created some fantastic nature trails within their estate including the musical trail. The mile long trail includes 7 different music stations with a range of instruments including xylophones, pan pipes and organ pipes.


There are large picnic benches at nearly all of the music stops so it’s a great place to enjoy a picnic. Just bear in mind there are no toilets.


At the end of the trail you’ll come out at a spectacular field of wildflowers (in the Spring) with a colourful carpet of poppies in orange, yellow, red and pinks. It makes the most amazing backdrop for photos!

Best bits: We absolutely love it here and have been back several times already since discovering it and she enjoys it more every time we go. The trail is the perfect length for tiny legs to walk it on their own and the music stops add lots of fun!

Worst bits:ย There aren’t any facilities, so I’d only visit if you’re relatively local. Once the hotel is open again you may be able to sneak in there to use the loo, but technically you should probably be a guest to be using their facilities.

Pram friendly: Yes

Bike & scooter friendly: Yes

Location & parking: The musical trail begins in the woodland next to The Grove Hotel, view the trail map here.

The Grove have confirmed that they are happy for non guests to enjoy their woodland trails and park in their car park. The best place to park is next to Anouska’s children’s nursery which is signposted once you reach the car park.ย Once parked walk past Anouska’s and the children’s playground and there is an entrance to the woods on your right. Follow the path round until you see sign posts for the different trails. Take the route to the right to start the musical trail.

Sat nav: Use postcode WD17 3NL rather than the hotel address as you’ll end up completely lost. Once you take the turning into the hotel you will come to a bridge with traffic lights. Be patient, they can take forever to change but they do eventually!

Cost:ย Completely free, even the parking ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby in Bucks Tips

  • Dress children in long trousers if you’re planning to go into the wildflowers as there are thistles and nettles within the flowers. There are plenty of routes to avoid them, you just need to be careful.
  • Take your own stick for the musical instruments (we used a xylophone stick) if you want to avoid touching the communal sticks (due to Covid-19)

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