Nathan’s Farm

Feeding the lambs at Nathan's Farm

Today we had the cutest visit to Nathan’s Farm in Chalfont St Giles as there were baby animals everywhere! Nathan’s Farm is a small family run farm with reindeer, sheep, chickens, pigs, goats and rhea, to name a few. At the moment there are loads of lambs on the farm which you can help bottle feed! Plus tiny piglets, puppies, chicks and a foal that was only a few days old.

The farm itself isn’t huge, there are various pens of animals for you to visit, a play area, shop and a café serving takeaway food. It wouldn’t take you long to walk round it all, but you’re welcome to spend as much time there either with the animals or playing as you’d like to.

Feeding the animals

You can feed a lot of the animals there for £1 a bag of food. We chose to feed the pigs and horses, but you could also get goat or chicken feed. There’s one pen which you can go inside and this one is full of chickens, geese, rheas and most importantly the cutest little lambs!

They regularly feed the lambs throughout the day and are more than happy for you to help. There’s no charge for this and there didn’t seem to be an age restriction either, as long as you were there supervising your little ones. Ashley was fairly hesitant at first and happy just watching her Daddy feeding them. She got a lot more confident though and was soon feeding them herself and loved it!

Feeding the pigs at Nathan's FarmFeeding the horses at Nathan's FarmFeeding the lambs at Nathan's Farm

Other animals on Nathan’s Farm

In addition to the animals that you can feed they have a couple of reindeer, rhea, rabbits, chicks and at the moment they also have a very cute litter of cockerpoo puppies. Your welcome to hold the rabbits, chicks and puppies too!

Play area

I’ll be honest this looks like a junk yard of old toys! However whilst it looked like a load of junk to me, through Ashley’s eyes it was paradise and she couldn’t wait to get in there. It’s full of ride on toys, slides, tiny shepherd huts and a load of other random toys. Ashley was on cloud nine playing with all these toys and would have stayed all day if we’d let her!

There’s a load of picnic benches in here too and there were people with their own picnics or there’s a café with a limited menu that you can purchase food from. The café serves things like cheese toasties, bacon sandwiches and various other sandwiches. There were some cakes for sale too and tea and coffee.

Play area at Nathan's FarmPlay area at Nathan's FarmPlay area at Nathan's Farm

Best bits: Feeding the lambs was definitely the highlight of our visit today. Although Ashley would probably tell you it was the play area!

Worst bits: It’s a working farm and cheap to visit so don’t expect too much. It’s a great place to go and visit and spend time with the animals but it is a bit rough and ready.

Cost: £10 per car

Tickets: No need to book, you just turn up and pay in the shop.

Pram friendly: Kind of. You can easily take your buggy down to see all the animals but if you’re taking it into the pen with the lambs then you might struggle a bit. I just used my sling for my baby instead which was much easier. It’s not big so if you’re little one can walk I wouldn’t bother with a pram.

Bike & scooter friendly: No

Covid measures: I’m not sure what special measures they have in place other than masks inside, but it was very quiet when we visited. We were the only people there for most of our visit (which was on a Friday).

Location & parking: Chalfont Rd, Chalfont St Giles.  Free parking onsite.

Sat nav:HP8 4BT

Baby in Bucks Top Tips

Combine with lunch at nearby Muddy Boots Cafe in Rowan Garden Centre, Chalfont St Giles. You’ll find a much better choice of food here.

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