South Bucks Way

This section of the South Bucks Way is every horse lovers dream as there are horses along almost the entire route. In parts you are walking in the same field as the horses and right past their feeding stations so often end up very close to them.

Little Missenden to Amersham

The walk between Little Missenden and Amersham Cricket Club is just over 2km and there’s a fairly wide path the whole way. If the larger gates are locked (which they have been a few times we’ve visited) then you’ll have to get through a few kissing gates.

It’s a really beautiful walk, running alongside the River Misbourne, fields of horses and sheep and Shardeloes lake.

Walking route

This is just a short section of the South Bucks Way and is just over 2km. The South Bucks Way in total is 37km, starting in Coombe Hill and finishing in Denham. Full details of the route can be found here.

Food and Drink

At the end of the route above, just past Shardeloes Lake, you’ll find Koko’s Food Trailer. Koko’s serves drinks (hot and cold), sourdough sandwiches and toasties and cakes. They also often have burek’s on as a special, which sound amazing! Burek is a filo pastry pie filled with beef, potato and onion. At the moment it’s open for takeaway only, but when restrictions are lifted they have tables and chairs set up.

If you fancy walking a bit further along the South Bucks Way it’s not much further into Amersham Old Town, where you’ll find loads of amazing cafe’s and pubs (when they reopen of course).

Or at the start/end of the walk you’ll find The Red Lion pub in Little Missenden, which has a really beautiful pub garden on the bank of River Misbourne. The Red Lion is also directly opposite the village playground.

Little Missenden Playground

There’s a playground in Little Missenden which is a great way to end the walk. If your little one is anything like Ashley then the incentive of a playground at the other end is always very helpful! It’s a really old playground and there’s not much there for toddlers but Ashley still enjoyed it. There’s a small toddler frame there with a slide, a roundabout and a basket swing for little ones. Then a large wooden frame with bridges and swings for older kids.

Best bits: The horses are the biggest hit for my little one and for me I love the views , it’s fairly flat (always a winner) and it’s nice to walk alongside the river, but on a nice wide path.

Worst bits: There are no facilities, but once the pubs and cafes are open again this shouldn’t be so much of a problem.

Pram friendly: No 

Bike & scooter friendly: Yes to bikes – I’d say it’s too cross country for scooters. There are some kissing gates so be prepared to lift your bikes over them. There are sections that are a bit muddy so with little bikes you might need to walk round these.

Location & parking: The path starts in Little Missenden where the road forks right after the Crown Inn. There is parking on the side of the road along Highmore Cottages and down in front of the Village Hall.

Sat nav: Use postcode HP7 0RG

Baby in Bucks Tip

Get to Koko’s early to get your hands on a burek! They sell out quickly (often before 1pm).

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