Wildflower meadow in Frieth

If you’re ever having a bad day and need cheering up, then head for the wildflower meadow in Frieth. There are wildflowers as far as your eye can see and it’s such a beautiful sight.  The 34 acre meadow is filled with colourful poppies, cornflowers and golden wattle.

Wildflower meadow

The colourful wildflower meadow in Frieth was created by a local couple who wanted to transform the field into a natural habitat for wildlife and make the land more ecologically friendly. They acquired the land 3 years ago and for the first 2 years grew barley, but after taking advice from Natural England on how they could encourage more wildlife back to the area they covered the field in wildflower seeds. These were sown back in October last year and in May the field became a carpet of red, white and purple flowers.

Circular walk

There is a lovely circular walk that you can do which was recommended to me and takes you through the wildflower meadow and into the woods, before coming out at a farm (where there are often tractors) and down past a field of horses. Ticking lots of boxes for toddlers!

Important things to note when doing this walk

  • Please stick to the footpaths and do not walk in the wildflowers – this is private land. The public footpath runs right down the middle of the field so you can get great photos from the path itself.
  • Do not pick the wildflowers
  • Close any gates behind you.
  • Do not feed the horses – many foods that you think may be ok can be harmful (e.g. horse allergic).
  • Keep dogs on a lead and take mess home with you
  • There are lots of deer in the area so be aware of ticks and avoid walking in long grass.

Best bits: The colourful meadow is the showstopper here! We’re so lucky to have this nearby and in a location that allows the public to enjoy it.

Worst bits: There are lots of bees around (which is of course the intention for planting the wildflowers, to attract bees and other wildlife) so just be mindful of this.

Cost: Free 🙂 There’s no charge to park in Frieth and it’s a public footpath through the wildflower meadow.

Pram friendly: No – there’s a stile to get over into the wildflower meadow.

Bike & scooter friendly: No

Location & parking: The easiest place to park is at Frieth Church of England Combined School, the car park in front is a free public car park, or on the road in front of the school. Turn left out of the school (with the school behind you) and walk down Shogmoor lane, following the map above, until you reach the stile on your left into the meadow.

Sat nav: RG9 6PR

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