About Me

I’m Hollie, a 35 year old Mum to Ashley, my cheeky two year old. We live in High Wycombe which is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK with loads of family friendly activities nearby.

I moved to High Wycombe 2.5 years ago from London when I was heavily pregnant. So during my mat leave I tried to get out and explore as much as possible and find the best places to visit in my new area. This of course included tracking down the best places to go for lunch (and a glass of wine!) with my fellow mum friends and hunting down the best cake spots!

Due to the current state of the world I’m now on furlough leave from work so it feels a bit like mat leave round 2, but with a toddler who’s much more interested in where we go. So as I’ve got a bit more time on my hands and we’re finding lots of great hidden gems to visit that have been a hit on Instagram I thought I would set up a proper blog to give a more detailed account of my favourite places to visit and eat!