Oxhey Activity Park

If you’re little one loves their scooter or bike then you have to take them to Oxhey Activity Park! The skatepark has been designed so that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy it. As well as the skate areas there’s also a fantastic play area with loads of great playframes and equipment, ping pong tables and a lovely café.

Bikes and Scooters

The park is full of skateparks and tracks which are perfect for bikes and scooters! Whilst the bigger ones are for older children/adults there is a junior bike trail and skatepark up by the café that’s perfect for little ones.

Ashley and her cousin, who are both 3, went round on their scooter and balance bike for well over an hour when we visited the junior bike trail!  It’s a short circular track with gentle slopes on a really smooth surface. Ashley hates even slightly bumpy paths when she’s on her scooter so this was perfect for her!

As it’s next to the café we were able to sit on one of the outside tables with a coffee and watch them going round and round the track. It was perfect!

There’s also a junior skatepark next to it, but they weren’t able to have a go when we visited because a group of adults were already using it. Near the entrance there’s also an off-road bike trail which I think a lot of younger kids would enjoy on their bikes too.

Play Areas

The playground areas in Oxhey Activity Park looked fantastic too! It’s all brand new and full of equipment to suit a wide age range.

Next to the café is a smaller playframe for little ones with a couple of double width slides, a wobbly bridge, nets to climb and poles to slide down. There’s also cradle swings, musical instruments, roundabouts and games for little ones to play on.

For bigger kids there’s an amazing larger playframe with loads of nets and ropes for them to navigate their way through as well as much bigger slides.

A lot of the equipment within the playground is accessible so can be used by children of all abilities.

Food and Drink

The Tasty Bean Café is perfectly located right next to the toddler play frame area and junior bike trail, so you can sit outside with a coffee and watch them play. The food is great too! They have a great breakfast and lunch menu, including a few kids options. I had the hot chicken harissa wrap and it was very tasty. Check out their menu here.

We’ve been to so many parks with average cafes that it makes a nice change to find a good one!

Best bits: It’s the best place I’ve taken Ashley to for riding on her scooter! Not only did she love it but for a change I didn’t have to sprint along behind her. I could instead watch her scooting round the track from my seat outside the café with a lovely iced coffee.

Worst bits: The car park is small so once it’s full I’ve heard it’s difficult to find alternative options. I know people have had tickets issued for parking in the nearby retail park.

Cost: Free, just pay for parking.

Tickets: N/A

Pram friendly: Yes

Bike & scooter friendly: Yes, extremely!

Location & parking: The aim of the project in Watford is to be as sustainable as possible, including encouraging people to travel by bike, foot, bus, or train. Therefore,  limited car parking is available. Click here to see how to get there by train and bus. If you do drive then parking charges are free up to an hour, £2 for 2 hours, £4 for 3 hours and £6 for 4 hours.

Sat nav: The postcode is WD18 0HZ, however my car satnav couldn’t find this postcode. If the postcode doesn’t work for you either try WD18 0GS which is for the Trumph garage opposite.

Baby in Bucks Tip

Go on a weekday outside of school holidays if you can as it gets very busy on peak days. I know Ashley wouldn’t enjoy the bike trail with many people on it.

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