Hodgemoor Woods

Sometimes it takes a lockdown to make us slow down and appreciate the local walks that surround us. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I love to fit in loads of activities every week! I’m also quite happy driving up to an hour to get there, so we end up here there and everywhere. As the tier 4 guidance is to stay local we’ve been having lazier mornings and getting out for a walk or trip to the park in the afternoon. Today we went to Hodgemoor Woods which is between Amersham, Chalfont St Giles and Seer Green.

I’ve fancied exploring these woods since April, but in the first lockdown the car park was closed. They look lovely in the Spring as they are filled with bluebells. It’s also supposed to be a great spot to find wild garlic.

The reason we ventured there today was because I wanted to pick up a takeaway roast dinner from The Ivy House in Chalfont St Giles and it’s nearby.

Walking routes for little legs

There are loads of footpaths and bridle paths through the Hodgemoor Woods and a couple of walking routes that are signposted. I’d looked up the routes on the Chiltern AONB website before we got there and there’s a short 0.5 mile loop and a slightly longer 1.1 mile loop. The shorter loop is supposedly suitable for all-terrain buggies, but it was all very muddy today. Perhaps in the Spring/Summer when the ground is drier it might be ok.

Click here for a link to the map.

In the woods

We did the short loop today in Hodgemoor Woods and it was so muddy!! This absolutely made the walk for Ashley who loved running and jumping her way through the mud. There were also some amazing dens that people had built along the route and we saw a couple of deer!


Dressing for the mud

After going on so many walks this year we’ve learnt through a lot of trial and error how important it is to have the right clothing for Ashley. Puddles are an absolute winner when it comes to keeping her happy on a walk. The deeper the better! Therefore having the right clothing to allow her to jump in them to her hearts content without worrying about her getting wet is key!

So here’s what you need:

  1. Wellies
  2. Fully waterproof trousers/dungarees – to go over the wellies
  3. Warm coat

We’ve had a few different splash suits and because they’ve been splash proof and not waterproof they’ve just ended up with her completely soaked and her wellies full of water.

Here’s the link to the dungarees that we’ve got and so far they’ve been amazing. She always stays completely dry underneath them and can splash away to her hearts content.

CareTec Kids Rain Pants Dungarees, Yellow, 104*

Spring Update




Hodgemoor Wood is a great spot for Bluebells in the Spring. You’ll find them all over the woods but when I was walking there yesterday the area circled below looked like it had a particularly good covering. There were only a few that had flowered when I was there, but further towards the end of April they should be beautiful here!

Cost: Free

Tickets: N/A

Buggy friendly: Not at the moment, but when it’s drier the short loop is supposed to be buggy friendly

Bike & scooter friendly: When it’s less muddy it will be good for bikes, maybe not scooters

Covid measures: Even though the car park was full today we only came across one group of people whilst out on the walk itself.

Location & parking: Car park is just off Bottrell’s Lane in Seer Green. There is free parking onsite.

Sat nav: HP8 4EQ

Facilities: There are no facilities here, including toilets so it’s wild wees only.

Baby in Bucks Top Tip

Dress ready for a mud bath and you’ll love it!

*This is an affiliate link which I will earn a commission from. I’ll only ever recommend to you products that I love and have worked well for us.

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